Hello, I'm Stefan Romeo, Head trainer of SPR Health and Fitness, I have been working in the health and fitness industry for over 7 years. During this time I was lucky enough to complete my masters in Exercise Science at Australian Catholic University, which is where I developed my philosophy on evidence based practises. 

Throughout my professional career, I soon discovered that running my own business would be where I would be able to have the most impact for my clients. During this time as well as running my transformation coaching business I was fortunate to work as a high performance and conditioning coach with in AFL/VFL system as well as other elite sporting organisations.   

 At 27 I found my true calling and moved SPR Health and Fitness into another direction, which involved looking to start impacting and changing more lives permanently around the country. From which I designed a personalised program "BodyUwant" supported by evidence that focuses on determined women, achieving their dream body and helping them step into the stunning woman they were always meant to be.

I've always been passionate about health and fitness as I've undergone my own journey and I know "that feeling" we are all chasing. Therefore I've dedicated my life to helping others achieve "their" phenomenal lifestyle starting with their physique and mindset and transforming them into the empowering person they have always wanted to be.            


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